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Carpet Cleaning Denver NC

We provide quality services for Carpet Cleaning Denver NC and the surrounding areas.  We will treat your home like we would our own.  People love Heaven's Best because of our quality service and effective low-moisture cleaning process.  Here's what our customers are saying about us in your area!

The carpets haven't looked this good in YEARS, thanks to Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning.

~Paul - Denver NC

Great service with a smile and such a beautiful spirit from this team of three. Thank you!

~ Claudette - Denver NC

We are so pleased with Frank and Donna's work. They are professional, courteous and oh so nice to work with. They were very accommodating when I called them with a last minute plea to clean my carpets.. company coming! You won't be disappointed with them or their work. Great job!

~ Baleka - Denver NC

My husband purchase a puppy for my 2 children and we were having puppy accidents everywhere. When I called Heaven's Best they were very detailed on the proper way to get pet issues out of the carpet. When they were finished, the smell was gone and they looked great. I will be calling them again.

~ Christy - Denver NC

My wife and I did not know what to do with our tile and grout floors in the Kitchen. They are 20 years old and looked it. Donna and Frank came over for the estimate and cleaned one tile. That's all it took for my wife to say "When can you clean them". Great Job, they look new again.

~Chris - Denver NC

I call Heaven's Best after every job to have them freshen up my customers home after my construction crew is finished. I give them a couple of days to get the job completed. My customers love what they do. If my customers are happy, I am very happy. Can't miss with Donna and Frank.

~Mike Westlake Builders - Denver NC

This is my second experience with Frank and Donna from Heaven's Best. They came to my home 10 minutes early, I instructed them on what to do, then had to leave unexpectedly. When I came home the job was just as well done as the first time.

Gail - Denver NC

On time (actually early), and cleaned 3 bedrooms. Had stains that I have had since I moved in and thought they would never come out. My carpets look beautiful. Will use again

Cathy G - Denver, NC

My grandchildren were coming for the weekend and I wanted to be sure my carpet was clean for the 1 year old. I have used other cleaners in the past and must say I have found the one that I will always use. They are knowledgeable and do a great job. Thanks You Heaven's Best

Allan L - Denver, NC

"My carpet looks and smells really good, Donna and Frank were able to get rid of stains that other carpet cleaners couldn't. Heaven's Best is truly the best."

Tia H - Denver, NC

Donna and Frank were acquaintances of ours and we never knew what type of business they were in. I had heard they cleaned carpets, and asked if they would clean our 12 year old carpet that we have never cleaned. They were happy to do so and so were we. All we can say is WOW�they are good.

Les and Char B - Denver, NC

We were getting our house ready to sell and our tile and grout looked horrible. Heaven's Best said they could make it look new again. I can't never remember a service company going to that level to get the job done right. Courteous, conscientious. I really can't say enough good things. It did look new again!!

Ken A - Denver, NC

I did not have much carpet in my house to clean. I called around and everyone wanted so much to do my small area. I called frank and Donna and they said they would do my carpets for a reasonable price. I was so impressed with their work, I had them clean and polish my hardwood floors. They do a fantastic job and are very nice to do business with. I will be using them again!I have been using Heaven's Best for the past three years and have always been pleased. My new dog had an accident one night in the closet of my master bedroom. I called Frank and Donna and they came ASAP. They cleaned up the mess and my carpets. I was looking for my check book and they told me that there was no charge. I insisted to pay but they said " You always you us and you always tell your friends about us, this is our way of saying Thanks". If you have not tried them out, I highly suggest you do.

~Allison B - Denver, NC

I have pets, a husband and a son, need I say more. I always use Heaven's Best. They help me keep my upholstery, my carpets and even my husbands car (he spilled coffee all over the front carpet) clean and refreshed. Highly recommend

~Brenda - Denver, NC

Thank You for your prompt service! We appreciate it and will refer you again! The carpets in our rental house look great!

~Nicole and Brian - Denver, NC

I had to move back to the Northeast about 6 months ago because of personal reasons and put my home on the market. I just signed with a new realtor who suggested I call Heaven's Best to freshen up my home. They were very helpful when I called and even changed their schedule to accommodate my needs. They called and informed me when they were through and sent me an invoice. My realtor stopped in that same night and called me. He said it looks really good and will start marketing my house the next day. Thank you for your prompt attention and your quality work.

~Claire - Denver, NC

I called Heaven's Best the first time 9 months ago because my Daughters friends would no longer go in her room because of how dirty the carpets were. They cleaned all our carpets and when they left our carpets looked like they did when we moved in. Three months later during the Christmas Holidays our dog had an accident. I called Heaven's Best and they quickly came out and cleaned every thing plus a few other rooms. I just had my carpets stretched based on their recommendation and had them come out again to clean everything. I have learned how important it is to have clean carpets. They do a great job and I will have them back again soon.

~Todd - Denver, NC

My husband and I have very have high standards when we hire someone to do work for us. Donna and Frank told us from the beginning that they are 100% Satisfaction guaranteed and will not leave until we are. They exceeded them with excellent work. Great job, thank you!

~ Megan F - Denver, NC

After a number families/pets in our rental house, we thought we were going to have to replace the carpets. Heaven's best did superior job of making them look almost like new. Saved us money we can invest in other upgrades we need for the house.

Michael L - Denver, NC

We are finally getting our home on the market to sell. I called around a few Carpet Cleaners but Frank and Donna were the only business that took the time and described in detail their low moisture process. They can get dirty carpets clean. My carpets look new again.

Carol K - Denver, NC

Our den carpet looks great! Amazing job getting those spots out, even in the high traffic areas. Thanks so much, we are very pleased. We are finally getting our home on the market to sell. I called around a few Carpet Cleaners but Frank and Donna were the only business that took the time and described in detail their low moisture process. They can get dirty carpets clean. My carpets look new again.

Freda S - Denver, NC

We have had our sectional in our porch for about a year. Wanted to get it cleaned of all the dirt and pollen because we were moving it into our home. We were very concerned about the chemicals used in the cleaning process because of our 9 month old son. Heaven's Best assured us they do not use chemicals and did a great job in making it look new again. We will be having them back to do our rugs.

~Josh - Denver, NC

My Carpets were filthy and my dog had number of accidents. Heaven�s Best treated the pet spots so they would never returned and cleaned my carpets so they were fresh and clean again.

~Melanie G - Denver, NC

I have used Heavens Best for several years. They are always prompt and courteous. They have removed spots that I didn't think would come up and love the fact that the carpet is dry in about an hour and doesn't keep you out of the house all day. The house always smells so fresh after the job is completed. I would recommend this company very highly.

~Syd J - Denver, NC

Heaven's Best have been to my home 3 times. I have dogs so I had them cleaned my upholstery the first 2 times they were in my home. Recently I had them do all my carpets and the carpet in my husband's car because he soiled coffee all over the driver and passenger side. Everything looks like new and will surely have them back in my home again.

~Martha R - Denver, NC

My construction company does work in the Lincoln County area. When we are finished we use Heaven's Best to come and freshen up all the flooring because my employees are not the cleanest guys around. they always do a great job at a reasonable price. Frank and Donna do a great job for me.

~Mike - Denver, NC

The owner/operator and staff have been professional and courteous on numerous times that we have utilized their services. They have treated our home with respect, performed superior" cleaning and a great value for our money.

~Todd L - Denver, NC

In the fall we had another carpet cleaner try to get some tape residue of our carpets. After they left, our carpets looked worse than they did before they came. I called Heave's Best and they came later that afternoon. When they left our carpets looked as if the tape reside was never there. They have been back 2 more times doing other rooms including our Sanctuary. The Church will only use Heaven's Best to clean our floors.

~ Unity Presbyterian Church - Denver, NC

You made my dirty, stained carpets look fresh and new again! Very professional and well done. Very pleased that the carpets were dry so fast. All major and minor stains are gone!

~Dr. Devin A - Denver, NC

Heaven's Best cleaned carpets in three bedrooms, a large living room/dining room area, and a hallway. It went extremely well. They cleaned the hallway for free and honored the 15% discount offered to Angie's List members. Donna and Frank were punctual, very professional, courteous, and friendly. I will highly recommend Heaven's Best to others and will use only them the next time I need carpets cleaned.

~Maria B - Denver, NC

They are awesome makes furniture look like new

Lynnette H - Denver, NC

Nice experience and they did a great job on my love seat and carpeted areas

~Terri M - Denver, NC

A friend of mine recommended Heaven's Best to me. I told them about a Lounge chair in our bedroom that the cats just trashed and had ink on it from my 2 children. They said no problem. After they finished it looked new again.

Chaz M - Denver, NC

They were excellent! They were also thorough and I would absolutely use them again, I have already referred them as well.

~Suzanne L - Denver, NC

Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my two area rugs and couch. Do you have any availability this coming week to clean my area rug in our dining room, 2 bedrooms of wall to wall carpet and the bonus room (that you already looked at)?

Thank you so much.

~Anne K - Denver, NC

Highly recommend! Vry professional. Cleaned 2 area rugs and the carpet on my stairs.

~Lynn S - Denver, NC

My couch and chair were showing their age. Heaven's Best cleaned them and they looked fantastic! They took their time and explained every thing they did.

~Marty H - Denver, NC

This is the second time we have had Heaven's Best in our home. We had just sold it and wanted to have it in perfect condition before the new owners did their final walk through before closing. Our carpets and Hardwood floors looked like new. We are having Heavens Best clean our daughters home, asked if they would drive 45 minutes to our new home and the couple who purchased our home wanted their number so they can do her upholstery. Highly recommend!!!

~Dale and Nancy Walls - Denver, NC

Our son never takes his shoes off. The area by his desk was black from the dirt and grease on his shoes. Heaven's Best did such a nice job we had them do the tile in our kitchen, dinning room, hallway, and bathrooms. Our home looks GREAT!! Thank you!

~Tom and Sue - Denver, NC

They did such a great Job in our Restaurant, we had them do all the carpets in our home. Outstanding work, our carpets looked great.

~Joe and Agnes A - Denver, NC


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