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Carpet Cleaning Lincolnton NC

There are many carpet cleaners to choose from in Lincolnton NC, but Heaven's Best is the carpet cleaner of choice. Many people love our company because we take the time to explain our cleaning process. We use a cleaning process that is low- moisture, so we don't have to soak the carpets in order to get the spots out. Our environmentally friendly cleaning products will leave your carpets smelling and feeling like new. We also leave you with a guarantee that if any of these spots and stains return, we will return to clean those spots and stains again for free. Here is what some of our customers are saying about our company, Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning Lincolnton NC. 

Excellent people, outstanding work! Absolutely will call again!

~Rene - Lincolnton NC

Heaven's best carpet cleaning ... I would highly recommend them . They have came out and done my carpet I was well pleased ! Not only do they take care of the dirty spots in your carpet but also how a refreshing smile after they are done cleaning your carpet . I will most certainly have them to do my carpet again !

~Bobby - Lincolnton NC

Had an unexpected visit from out of town friends and needed our carpets cleaned quickly. Haven's Best came the next day and made our carpets look like new. Our guest even asked who we used to clean our carpets.

~ Phil - Lincolnton NC

Thanks Frank in Donna you guys are the best carpet cleaners around , if anyone needs carpet cleaned in Lincoln County call them!!! ( HEAVENTS BEST CARPET CLEANERS AT 966-0914 ) you will get guaranteed satisfaction from these guys !

~Bobby - Lincolnton NC

My carpets were preventing us from selling out home. Having 3 children, a dog and my husband, they were very dirty. They look almost as if they were new again. When I move, I will be calling them again.

Karen T - Lincolnton NC

This company knows how to clean carpets. I had red dye stains, food stains, spilled drink stains and dog stains. They got them all out and my home smelled great when they left.

Jonathan W - Lincolnton NC

My kitchen tile looked like it was 100 years old. It started out in life as white with tan grout but looked tan with black grout. After Frank and Donna left, my tile looked bright white and new again. My whole kitchen looks different.

Pam Z - Lincolnton, NC

I thought I would have to get my hardwood floors refinished. I did not want to move out of my home to get this done. I called Donna at Heaven's Best and she told me they can do a face lift by cleaning and polishing and I would not have to move out. My floors look great, could not be happier.

Michelle K - Lincolnton, NC

You made my dirty, stained carpets look fresh and new again! Very professional and well done. Very pleased that the carpets were dry so fast. All major and minor stains are gone!

~Devin - Lincolnton, NC

I had Heaven's Best clean a couple of furniture items of mine and I have to say for what amounts to an "every day" service they really did a great job... with a very friendly attitude. The employee arrived on time, spent a few minutes touring my place to see the job and explain the process before starting. An hour later they was done, packed and left me with a few instructions for how long to let things dry for and future cleaning tips. Most importantly my couches are really clean and look new again

~Brenda W - Lincolnton, NC

My "light beige" Berber carpet was at least 50 shades of gross gray due to heavy foot traffic from 4 small barefoot and dirty children running in and out of the house all the time (with 2 equally contributing parents). The carpet is pretty much beyond repair but I just wanted it "fresher" and cleaner than I could keep it because I can't afford to replace the whole downstairs floring right now. I had pretty low expectations!

I called Heaven's Best because I needed a treatment that was non-toxic and would dry in a few hours (not 3-4 days like standard carpet shampooing). I had three rooms done in under 90 minutes. The house smelled great and fresh when he left. We're going to have him come again after the summer foot traffic subsides. I hate to say this, but if they can keep this carpet alive, we can push the inevitable out another few years.

~Becky P - Lincolnton, NC

In the past, we have used another carpet cleaning company with whom we were quite pleased. However, after having our carpets cleaned by Heaven's Best, they really look like new! Fantastic job! One stain that had been there for a couple of years (and we thought would never come out) is now completely gone. Heaven's Best delivers a totally different level of clean. Our sofa and loveseat also look nice and refreshed. We will definitely recommend them and will definitely use Heaven's Best again!

~Maria B - Lincolnton, NC

Very pleased! I love the idea that my carpets weren't getting soaked like with the conventional type carpet cleaners. No long hoses running from the outdoors into the house, and no loud noise. The few pet stains I had are completely gone, carpets were dry and a very pleasant citrus smell. Will definitely use again.

~Angnesse N - Lincolnton, NC

I was very pleased with the entire service from the appointment time, work and now the wonderful clean couches, chair and rug. I will use them again.

~Heather S - Lincolnton, NC

I had my carpets cleaned by Heaven's Best I am very pleased. They were on time and explained everything in detail. They did a fantastic job. My carpets looks and smells clean and fresh. 5 stars. The best carpet cleaning company I every used. Will never go anywhere else.

~Kat D - Lincolnton, NC

"We've had our carpets cleaned several times by another company and it didn't look half as good as it looked after Heaven's Best"

~Joslyn M - Lincolnton, NC

My husband recently purchased an older truck and the interior was dirty and had cigarette smoke odors. Heaven's Best came out and cleaned the interior of my vehicle and I was amazed at the dirt that came out of my seats! Not to mention the smell is completely gone! 110% satisfied!!!

~Kim C - Lincolnton, NC

I have a young child that spills all the time. I have been cleaning my carpets with one of the machines your can rent at the store. It just never got clean. Heaven's Best cleaned it so well that it looks new again. I will be having them back very soon to do the rest of my home.

~Sally S - Lincolnton, NC

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